Shape Changing Materials Workshop

Finding creative garment applications


Noumena X Wearshops

The “Shape Changing Materials” workshop brought together smart materials with computational design and digital fabrication in context to garments or wearables. This 3-day workshop explored the possibilities of interactive wearable projects and finding alternative ways to use smart materials. The participants experimented with responsive shape-shifting materials through 3D modeling and computation-based approaches using Rhinoceros and Grasshopper.

Along with hands-on prototyping, starter-code was provided for participants and workshop guests to generate a digitally simulated materials. The final outcome was be prototypes of shape changing materials to discover garment behavior. Participants used user-centered methods to contextualize the use cases of an interactive garment solution.

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  • Efilena Baseta
  • Grace Jun
  • Jaskirat Randhawa


  • Attie Chan
  • Autumn Kietponglert
  • Boris Yu
  • Fulya Turkmenoglu
  • Harmony Pilobello
  • Ivor Ip
  • Jordan Frand
  • Mia Baldonado
  • Pablo Criado-Pérez
  • Ran Tian
  • Renata Gaui
  • Savani Mirashi
  • Suma Balaram
  • Savani Mirashi
  • Terricka Johnson
  • Xiang Liu