Exploring the relationship between form and growth.

Ontogenesis is a study of cellular spatial structures organized as spheres. The project describes the framework of relationships between different cells rather than study of their specific nature. The simulation itself is based on very few formulae of interaction and relation, which emulate the complexity of nature. It is a way of understanding the nature of growth algorithm and its limits.


The mathematical understanding of this simulation is borrowed from Andy Lomas’ work. This project aims to model a hypothetical situation on a computer so that it can be studied to better understand how the real system works. By changing variables of the simulation, predictions may be made about the behavior of the actual system.


The final simulation was created in C++ and OpenFrameworks library. The math was computationally intensive to be performed on a CPU hence any future iteration would require the simulations to be performed on a GPU.

  • Made in OpenFrameworks
  • PostProcessing in Adobe AfterEffects
  • Github Repo