Mobile Device Supported Sticky Notes Collaboration

Stickie is a mobile device centric collaborative system. The project utilizes physical space as a valuable medium for people to digitally annotate their environment. Stickie incorporates the smartphone as an extension of the human body to spatially interact with visual content.

It folds the user experience of digital smartphones and monitor screens into one analog note making process, which allows people to physically post multimedia content from phones onto multiple surfaces.

The research outlines the significance of collaborations over the internet through a the means of a web application. It is an open-source application that enables people to remotely perform sticky note collaborations over the Internet by utilizing two highly ubiquitous workplace devices – smartphones & TV screens.

This research constructs a novel technique for sticky note brainstorming across the Internet. A personal smartphone acts as an interface between the tangible and digital space. Users can leave notes from their phones onto a TV screen by placing the phone itself on any ordinary non-touchscreen display. The interactions demonstrates a non-invasive system for collaborations by transforming ordinary commercial technologies into networked spatially interactive systems. Therefore, it provides the flexibility to use non-specific hardware, enabling immediate access to content in various workspace setups. As an open-source application, it opens up opportunities for novel implementation methods for various demographics.


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  • Parsons Thesis Exhibition, MFA DT Thesis Show 2016, New York
  • Verizon Connected Futures 2015-16, New York
  • NYC Media Lab Annual Summit 2016, New York
  • Spatial User Interfaces 2016, Tokyo
  • User Interface Software Technology Symposium 2016, Tokyo