Programmable Carbon Fiber

Large-scale Programmable Carbon Fiber produced on a 4'x2' multi-material FDM.

Self-Assembly Lab, MIT + Carbitex + Shopbot Project
Team - Skylar Tibbits, Athina Papadopoulou, Sulaiman Alothman, Jaskirat Singh Randhawa, Dimitris Mairopoulos


This project explores large-scale Programmable Carbon Fiber produced on a 4’x2’ multi-material FDM. After printing, the carbon fiber is light-activated to trigger reversible shape transformation from a flat sheet to an spiral structure. The Programmable Carbon Fiber technology has been developed in collaboration with Carbitex as an extension of their existing fully-cured flexible carbon fiber technology, CX6.


The large-format multi-material FMD was custom developed with Shopbot as a modular and easily customizable printer for large-format 2D and 3D printed structures.

Exhibited at the BSA Space, Boston MA June 2015
Self Assembly Lab,MIT
ShopBot Tools